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Red elastic bands

elasticbands_1On a slightly lighter note the Today programme this morning also raised the Keep Britain Tidy campaign against the Post Office. In Ealing we are working really hard to clean up our streets. One of the worst sources of litter is our postmen and women who think they are doing us a favour by throwing their red elastic bands all over the pavement. Last Wednesday morning I did an hour of leaflet delivering between Northcroft and Midhurst Roads. I picked up 26 red bands in that time. The Post Office really need to sort themselves out on this issue. I have written to their chief exec in the past on this but he referred me to their local branch as if it was an isolated problem. Yeah, right.

The Keep Britain Tidy is calling on people to send red rubber bands they find on England’s streets (to arrive by 30th April) to: The Press Office, Keep Britain Tidy, Elizabeth House, The Pier, Wigan, WN3 4EX. I have just put my 26 bands in the post. Please add yours to Keep Britain Tidy’s haul.

One reply on “Red elastic bands”

We’ve been moaning about the dropping of these for years.

It is quite useful never having to buy elastic bands and you can make them into a very large ball BUT what a dreadful example the Post Office is setting. How have they been allowed to carry on with this antisocial behaviour for so long?

Please post your elastic bands back to them and after the 30 April you can still do so or just drop them into the post boxes. If you are short of an elastic band or two you can always ask your Postman!


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