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You have run out of our money

My public speaking is much better than it was when I became a councillor but it still has a long, long way to go before I get anywhere near Daniel Hannan, Euro MP and Telegraph columnist. Today he totally roasted Gordon Brown for three and a half minutes during his visit to the European Parliament. I don’t know what protocol or procedure they were following but I guess that the Prime Minister is bitterly regretting allowing himself to be ambushed like this. I don’t suppose it will get on the BBC though – we’ll see.

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There was probably a lot of throwing and thumping after that amazing show of delivery skills – pretty horrible really.

Pensioners were badly treated by the last Tory lot and are now relatively better off. Children in poverty are better off than under the Tories. Bank of England is independent. Children soon will have a later school/colllege leaving age. Parts of the NHS are reported to be better than before 1997.

Is there anywhere in the history books when Labour did not end up presiding over a serious financial crisis? This lot were dazzled by the City and did not control lending or the creation of debt on debt – started by Reagan and Thatcher. Brown helped wreck the Pensions industry and I expect council workers soon to be in the firing line. Brown allowed huge pay rises in public services, funded by increasing National Insurance contributions. The Immigration Office is not fit for purpose and the next administration needs to sort this. There are more no go areas where police are at risk.

But why should we believe the Tories will make a better fist of the financial crisis?

At the end of the day Iain, history books show that we get sick of politicians and we vote to change them for another lot who make us sick later. Were you stupid?



Your comments about state pensions are pretty strange. Yes, the last government did break the link between state pensions and earnings. A link that has not been restored in 12 years of Labour government so you might explain that.

From a big picture point of view that break was the right thing to do and it is a very important reason why British public finances were sound up until the effects of Brown’s spend, spend, spend mentality finally sunk them. Labour has bought in the means tested Minimum Income Guarantee/Pensions Credit regime but any government would have wanted to bring in such mitigation of the harsh effects of the break on the poor. I say again Labour have refused to restore the link. The Tories would have protected the poor but might have chosen a less bureaucratic way to do it.

At the same time, as you agree, Gordon Brown has single handedly destroyed state sector pensions by taxing them and presiding over pretty much no growth in equities over a 12 year period.


Phil, Excellent posting and a shame Gordon Brown was destroyed at Strasbourg, while imagining us to be at the “centre” of Europe, rather than in the Commons which NuLab have so devalued.


Phil. I really do not think it strange. The Tories broke the link and older people who are the main voters, helped to punish the Tories by voting them out. Lets face it, the pensioners were furious and there were marches even, because, using your words if I may, they did NOT feel protected. So the Tories lost the trust of Pensioners and are now naturally suspicious. That’s not strange. I really hope Cameron will tell us his plans on this.

Though not anything like so bad as Tax Credits which I long to see changed, Pension Credit is a pain. We would have spent far less on administering it if the State Pensions link had not been broken. But nanny always likes CONTROL. The other unfairness is that so many pensioners are entitled but do not claim and they are in poverty. If the link had not been broken there would have been a lot less poverty among the elderly vulnerable.

What’s this about refusing to restore the link? Labour announced that they will restore it.

Hope the crunch does not scotch that one.



You are being obtuse which is a polite way of saying STUPID.

In 12 long, long years Labour have not linked state pensions back to incomes.

Please do criticise the Tories for breaking the link if you want to but then you have to criticise Labour for not fixing it after 12 years.

It won’t get fixed until after the next election and then both parties will tell us that taxes have to go up and spending down. We will end up with a tiny state pension and benefits for poor pensioners. Belive me I dont’ think I will get any state pension in 20 years time when I am eligible. We will still be paying off Brown’s debt fest then so I will just have to look after myself I suspect.


Strewth, you must have had a bad night.

I don’t like Pension Credit any more than you do except for keeping the really needy out of poverty and that must be clear from I said last.

So don’t I know it that Labour failed miserably to restore the link, and cost us a wasted fortune in having an army of civil servants paying Pension Credit.

You said, I say again Labour have refused to restore the link. I said Labour announced they will restore it. I was only doing my normal thing of introducing perspective on your site.

If it keeps you happy, then call me stupid. But not strange.


Your point on equities is well made. How many pensioners who worked in the private sector and had money purchase schemes have suffered under this government. How many pensioners were invested in Lloyds bank, a perfectly healthy bank until gordon Brown found himself fighting in a by-election in Scotland and decided that he needed Lloyds to take over the failing HBOS group. How many future pensioners no longer have access to final salary schemes because of Gordon Browns raiding pension funds to pay for a benefit system that traps people in benefits for years. We have seen locally after 12 years of a labour council, the % of pensioners income spent on council tax went up from 15% to 29.9%. after 3 years of Conservative rule it has fallen back to around 27%. Anyone who believes that pensioners are better off under Labour really isn’t paying attention. No offence George.


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