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McNulty doesn’t know right from wrong

Today the Mail on Sunday has a huge piece on MP’s expenses and on Tony McNulty in particular. McNulty always comes across quite well in the media which is why he is often wheeled out. His media-friendliness doesn’t mean that he can tell right from wrong though. He has been found out claiming housing allowances for the house where his parents live. He says he stopped making these claims in January before he was found out. He is quoted as saying:

I have always felt some discomfort in claiming the money, to be frank. I decided that it’s simply time that I stopped – partly because mortgage interest rates have gone down and partly because I can do without it.

So let’s get this right: McNulty can’t be bothered to claim anymore because the amount he can claim is so trifling with falling interest rates and he is so comfortable the sums seem insignificant. Apparently he has not stopped claiming because it is just plain wrong. What a complete arse.

One reply on “McNulty doesn’t know right from wrong”

Employment Minister done for FIDDLING expenses – an Employment Sham!

Tony McNulty is a joke! He has failed to live up to the spirit of the rules and taken every opportunity to manipulate the system to his advantage. God help us for having such public servants who are NOT squeaky clean. Tony McNulty is hardly ever at Harrow East surgeries, takes anywhere between 3- 6 months to give appointments to meet constituents and then either fails to turn up or cancels appointments with very little notice. This bloke doesn’t use his parent’s Harrow Residence for Parliamentary duties. Shame on you Tony for not saying sorry and for NOT returning the money you have unjustly over-claimed – it’s people like you that bring this country to it’s economic knees. Very very bad judgment on your part!


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