Ealing and Northfield

New lamps for old

I have been meaning to take these photos for a while. They show two adjacent roads in neighbouring Walpole ward. Both photos have been taken at the same time with the same camera settings. The first shows what the lighting level is like looking south down Waldemar Avenue. It is rather gloomy although the jaundiced look of the old sodium lamps does not really come across. The second photo is Lyncroft Gardens looking west. It is striking how well the road is lit with our new for old lamp colums. The Heritage Quarter is going to look really stunning when it is finished. The second picture is slightly blury because I did not rest my camera on something.


Waldemar Avenue


Lyncroft Gardens

Hope you have someone to curl up with tonight. Must go!

One reply on “New lamps for old”


The pics are bizarrely, vertically elongated? Did you take them when you were worse for wear from alcohol abuse?

I’m surprised you are so interested in the Heritage Quarter (HQ), as you’ve spent the best part of eight months denying you have any responsibilities in that area.

But, yes…even you can be right sometimes – the HQ will look great in June 2009 when the antique re-lighting of the 69 streets should be completed.


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