National politics

More Pound foolish

I just checked another item we discussed this afternoon at College Question Time at Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College.

In the debate about Gaza Ealing North MP Stephen Pound essentially justified Hamas rocket attacks on Israel on the basis that anyone stuffed into such a confined space would go mad. He was not really willing to accept or address my point that the first duty of any government is to defend its citizens and to protect them from harm. Thus allowing terrorists to antagonise Israel to the point that they hit back was a failure of basic competence on the part of the Hammas government of Gaza Strip. I further suggested that if the Palestinians had taken the same route as Hongkong since since the formation of the state of Israel in 1948 they might be rich too.

In trying to find some middle ground I suggested to Pound that London was of a similar population density to Gaza. Pound would not accept this idea.

A quick check of the CIA World Factbook reveals that Gaza’s population density is 4,167 people per sq km. A look at Wikipedia gives us 5,239 people per sq km for London. So Gaza has only 80% of the population density of London.

By the way the figure for Hongkong is 6,736 people per sq km. The figure for Singapore is 6,750 people per sq km. So Gaza is positively luxurious in terms of space compared to these two Asian economic power houses.

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