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Skinny cats

I see that West Ealing Neighbours have picked up on the old fat cats story too. Eric Leach and David Highton seem to be unhappy:

Yet, WEN senses, anecdotally and from some of our own dealings, that there is growing frustration with some aspects of the Council’s practices and a feeling that our local democratic dealings are becoming increasingly confrontational. It’s as if you have to shout louder and louder just to be heard let alone to see any action.

They seem to want quick replies to letters and emails and to have questions or problems speedily and efficiently dealt with and resolved but don’t seem to want to will the means. They are perhaps being unrealistic.

Take for instance their pay comparisons. The place to go to for earnings information is the National Statistics Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings here. Eric and David are right to point out that “the national average wage is around £24,000”. The 2008 survey says that average (mean) gross weekly pay is £471.90 per week or £24,538.80 per annum. It isn’t much use trying to pay national average pay rates in Ealing. The average also includes part-timers which is not a typical characteristic of senior staff like head teachers and other senior managers. If you look further in this data you will find information by place of work by local authority. Average (mean) gross weekly pay for full-timers resident in Ealing is £670.20 per week or £34,850.40 per annum. It is not hard to see how we end up with 172 £50K plus people running the council.

How much do the guys think some of the senior social workers get paid? They can’t praise the children’s services and then look askance when we pay people reasonable money to take responsibility for keeping children safe. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

One reply on “Skinny cats”

West Ealing Neighbours would like Ealing Council to publish and keep to a fairly reasonable timescale for responding to letters to Ealing Council from Ealing residents ie the people who contribute to paying Councillors’ expenses and Council Officers’ salaries.

Specifically if we can detect that Councillor Will Brooks has replied to any letters from Ealing residents, I will personally submit it to the Guinness Book of Records as the first such written response from him in human history.

On a more serious note, ‘we’ voted all you Councillors’ in in 2006 because we all thought you would do a better job than the other lot. I see little sign that the elected Members have taken control of the highly paid Officer elite.

You and your like have nodded through two housing estates in the centre of Ealing which if Prime Mentalist Brown has his way in this long running recession will become Council Estates.

And voters will not necessarilly thank you for this in the 2010 Councillor elections.

BTW1, how much do senior social workers earn in Ealing and how many of these people are on the payroll and on contract in Ealing?

BTW2 as you have never answered any of the questions I have asked you on your blog over the last two years I don’t hold my breath for an answer.


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