Ward base to be occupied from Tuesday

On Saturday I heard from one of our Safer Neighbourhood Team constables, Jav Khan, that they are moving into the new Ealing Common & Northfield ward base on South Ealing Road, just south of Little Ealing Lane, on Tuesday 6th January. It has a reception area and interview room where the public can meet their teams and report issues to them. Apparently the public areas will not be in use for a while due to staffing issues but it is good to hear that our team will be nearer and will hopefully be able to spend more time on station as a result.

The Northfield Safer Neighbourhood Team is a great asset to our community. If you have information that could help this team do their job or you have ongoing nuisance type problems call them on 07879 888989. Their role is to proactively tackle relatively low-level nuisance crime, such as graffiti, car crime, burglary, street robbery, etc. Hence they won’t necessarily answer the phone immediately having been up all night trying to catch a burglar they are after. If there is something live happening then call 999.

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