Marietta breakfast

I am staying with my in-laws who come from Marietta, Georgia, some 20 miles north west of Atlanta. This morning we met up with my brother-in-law and enjoyed a typical American diner breakfast experience complete with endless refills of bad coffee.

We were within sight of Marietta’s most important local landmark, the Big Chicken. The beak goes up and down and the eyes roll around about every five seconds. There is even a gift shop. KFC have tried to get them to modify the logo, they are ashamed of the word “Fried” in their old brand name. Unfortunately for them fried is a food group to Southerners and the locals just would stand for having their landmark tampered with. In the south they cook their Thanksgiving turkeys by deep frying them.

One reply on “Marietta breakfast”

Are we going to get a Big Chicken in Tupperware Tower or in St George Dickens Yard? One in each perhaps, yu’all?


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