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Manchester rejects Congestion Charge – resoundingly

According the Manchester Evening News:

THE PEOPLE have spoken – and Greater Manchester will NOT be getting a congestion charge.

Voters have overwhelmingly rejected the scheme by a majority of almost four to one in a region-wide referendum.

The ‘No’ vote won a clear majority in all ten local authority areas and delivered a crushing blow to the plan to invest billions of pounds in the region’s public transport infrastructure.

Across all ten boroughs a total of 812,815 (78.8 per cent) voted ‘no’, while just 218,860 (21.2 per cent) voted ‘yes’ to the proposals.

This constitutes a total humilation for those trying to promote the scheme. Shockingly the local public transport monopoly called GMPTE, who are a public body and who transparently have an interest, tried to use public money (£230K provided by DfT) to promote a yes vote until they were stopped from airing their TV ad by Ofcom, see here.

The BBC in its coverage can’t quite admit the extent to which the proles have rejected the mindset that it promotes so assiduously. As a result in their coverage they simply ignored the fact that 80% of people voted no and wittered on about the turnout, see here.

Update: The BBC changed this page at 14:04pm today to include the voter numbers and to reorder the quotes.

2 replies on “Manchester rejects Congestion Charge – resoundingly”

Well done Mancunians and imagine Ruth Kelly had no respite in her constituency as well as facing opposition to the third runway at Heathrow in her ministerial position at the Dft whilst in London – unlike Geoff Hoon who can disappear to Derbyshire!
Also worth noting Leon Manning`s points out that seven out of ten borough leaders were prepared to waive the project through against residents wishes or were simply out of touch.


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