Ealing and Northfield

Ealing Common and Northfield Ward Base

On our walkabout we were accompanied by PCSO Salim Bhunnoo. He has been on the Northfield SNT for two years now. He hopes to start his training as a PC next year. Salim is a fine young man and it was a pleasure to spend some time with him. The team are busy tackling a bit of a robbery spike in the south of the ward and dealing with anti-social behaviour on the North Road/South Road estate. They have been doing a lot of night shifts lately as a result. Much of our crime in Northfield comes up South Ealing Road and the path through South Ealing Cemetery.

The new Ealing Common & Northfield ward base on South Ealing Road, just south of Little Ealing Lane, is due to open very early in the new year. Salim showed us around. It has a reception area and interview room where the public can meet their teams and report issues to them. Apparently they just need to sort out some issues with the water supply and the teams will be in. The ward base is very well positioned for both wards, it is very accessible and it is also in just the right place to deter cross border traffic from the south. This project has been talked about for something like two years – it was held up because the Met didn’t follow the proper procurement procedures. It is good to see it is finally finished – almost!

The Northfield Safer Neighbourhood Team is a great asset to our community. If you have information that could help this team do their job or you have ongoing nuisance type problems call them on 07879 888989. Their role is to proactively tackle relatively low-level nuisance crime perpetrated by local people, such as graffiti, car crime, burglary, street robbery, etc. Hence they won’t necessarily answer the phone immediately having been up all night trying to catch a burglar they are after. If there is something live happening then call 999.

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Phil, Although an improvement for Northfields and Ealing Common SNT teams of police and PCSOs`to operate from as a local base, does it in fact have a manned desk and set opening hours for public access?



It is worth remembering that there will only be a total of 12 people based here when they are at full strength and half of these will only be PCSOs with fewer powers and less training than warranted officers. Much of the time they will work at strange times to catch burglars, etc who operate at night. The idea of these teams was always that they would be out and about and visible. I for one wouldn’t want to see too much effort diverted to manning the front desk. There is a reception area and an interview room and I know they are thinking of providing some level of opening hours but I don’t know what. I am sure that we shall hear.

If people need immediate help they need to dial 999 not try to contact the ward base. The response teams who respond to 999 are mobile and can get to you quickly in numbers. That is the piont of the response teams.

The great thing about these Safer Neighbourhood teams is that they can operate proactively working hours that allows them to catch people who are preying on our neighbourhood. To tie one of them to the front desk for long hours drinking tea would be a mistake in my opinion. Safer Neighbourhood teams are not there to offer a drop in service.


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