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Gurcharan Singh becomes Ealing Southall PPC

Today it was announced that Gurcharan Singh will be the Conservative PPC for Ealing Southall. See Ealing Times story here and a piece on ConservativeHome here.

The local Conservatives issued the following press release today:


Leader of Ealing Council, Cllr Jason Stacey this week welcomed the selection of Cllr Gurcharan Singh as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Ealing Southall. He said residents now had the opportunity to elect an MP who would stand up for residents instead of taking them for granted. He said:

“It is excellent news that we have as strong a candidate as Gurcharan Singh standing for the Conservative Party in Ealing Southall. For decades Labour have taken Ealing Southall for granted, assuming they would win no matter how ineffective their MP. With a local councillor and campaigner as experienced and dedicated as Gurcharan standing for the Conservative Party, residents will be able to vote for a dynamic MP who will stand up for Southall. The contrast with the ‘do-nothing’ approach of Labour’s sitting MP will be more stark than ever.”

Chairman of the Ealing Southall Conservative Association, Cllr Manjit Singh also welcomed the selection of Cllr Singh as PPC. He said:

“The people of Ealing Southall are fed up with Labour and want an MP who can make a difference. After the next election we will have a new Conservative Government led by David Cameron and a new Conservative MP for Ealing Southall in Gurcharan Singh. I look forward to taking our message to the voters and getting rid of this tired Labour Government and the local MP who is more interested in collecting his allowance than in serving residents.”

Cllr Gurcharan Singh said:

“I am humbled to have been selected as the Conservative Party PPC. My dedication to Ealing Southall is total, I will do everything I can to serve the residents of the constituency up to and beyond the next election. On behalf of the Conservative Party, I look forward to delivering real hope and change for the people of Ealing Southall who deserve so much better than what they have seen under Labour.”

3 replies on “Gurcharan Singh becomes Ealing Southall PPC”

As a resident of Northfield ward, I can’t say that I’m particularly thrilled with this choice of PPC.

I know that in order to stand a chance of being elected in this ward a PPC has to be a) Southall-based and b) of South-Asian origin. I also realise that this is not the fault of the candidates themselves, but an issue with the electoral boundaries. However, the issue remains: what can these candidates really offer non South-Asians resident in this end of the constituency?

Besides, I never trust a turncoat. The fact that Cllr Singh recently defected from Labour to the Conservatives indicates that he is more interested in personal advancement rather than real convictions. But then again, isn’t that what all politicians are really interested in?



What a dreadful allegation to make about politicians!

I’m sure personal advancement is the last thing on their minds. I’m sure they go into politics because they want to give of their talents for the good of the communnity at large.

As for turncoat, there’s precious little difference these days between traditional Conservatives and New Labour Conservatives.

I am fascinated that Councillor Manjit Singh can guess the future. Maybe I’ll ask him to predict next Saturday’s Lottery numbers for my use only.


Irrelevant really to those of us in Northfields Ward which in geographic location is in central Ealing. As we’ve been lumped onto the Ealing-Southall Constituency for expediency we’ve been disenfranchised as far as Parliamentary representation is concerned. You never see a PPC around here except at General Election time and you never see them take up issues so whoever the candidate it is totally irrelevant. Geographically I am in Central Ealing and when I have a Central Ealing candidate to vote for I will, but there’s absolutely no point in voting for a candidate who only represents Southall and is interested in Southall in practice.


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