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Lazy lackey

I like the Dave Hill blog. Although Hill is an avowed old leftie he is hard working and often comes with some interesting stories. Hill can also be pretty even handed but he sometimes inadvertently shines a light on some things that would be better left in the dark (from the point of view of furthering the causes he holds dear). One such is his reporting today of John Ross’s blog. He was the old mayor’s economic policy advisor, paid something like ¬£120K per annuum, and one of the Socialist Action cell that the old mayor relied on during his eight year time in office.

Ross’s hagiography of Livingstone is laugh out loud funny:

Ken Livingstone will be remembered as a great Mayor of London …

An inspirational speech by the former Mayor of London …

When Ken Livingstone returns as Mayor …

This stuff might make suitable reading for Socialist Worker types but to a general audience it only makes Livingstone and his aspirations of a return to the mayoralty look ridiculous. Hill is regularly fed with this rubbish by Livingstone and his cronies and he does them no favours by actually publishing it. Doh!

Why am I not surprised that this so-called economics expert has managed only 6 blog postings in three months during this time of almost unprecedented economic turmoil? With this kind work rate I can’t see how this guy ever justified a fraction of his salary.

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Meanwhile over at Ken’s own ‘Progressive London’ blog only two comments have been approved in the last two days. The three most recent postings have attracted no comments at all.

Watch out for flying tumbleweed if you go there…


I invited Ross to contribute some thoughts on how London could best combat the approaching recession, having already received contributions from Jo Valentine of London First, Mike Tuffrey AM (LibDem), John Biggs AM (Labour) and Jenny Jones AM (Green). I’ve also linked to Boris’s proposals. Given that Ross was the previous mayor’s economics adviser for eight years he seemed a good person to approach.
At his suggestion I linked to a couple of posts he’d already written for his own blog relating to London’s economy. I’m hoping to carry and/or link to further pieces on the subject from others across the political spectrum in the coming weeks.


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