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Sharma promoted

Virendra Sharma

I had day away from my PC yesterday so I missed a lot of London and Ealing stories. The most trivial was the one that surprised me the most. Apparently our MP has been promoted onto the lowest rung of government. He will be Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister of State at the Treasury and the Home Office, Phil Woolas MP, who has responsibility for Borders and Immigration. See Ealing Times report here.

For a guy who was a councillor for 25 years or so without any achievements to his name Gordon Brown has clearly spotted some latent talent that the Ealing Labour group was never able to identify. I can only imagine that the PM thinks that Sharma will act as a dead weight that will slow the accident prone Woolas down.

Maybe now that Sharma has three jobs he will give up his council seat. As far as I know he has not roused himself to attend a council meeting since he made a one off appearance at a scrutiny panel in July.

2 replies on “Sharma promoted”

Yes, that is the sort of recognition you get when you toe the Party line, do as you are told, and always vote with the Government come what may.

No matter how useless you may be, if you are ‘Lobby fodder’ for the Government, you get a foot on the career politician’s escalator.

I am sure it happens in the Conservative Party too.



I think you will find that Cllr Sharma MP attended the Traffic Calming & 20mph Zone Specialist Scrutiny Panel on the 11th SEPTEMBER 2008.

Given that your tory councillor Gurcharan Singh is a widely tipped contender for the nomination for the next election for ealing southall which he would be extremely likely to win.. i doubt he would resign to. these men and half of the council chamber have aspirations in national politics and use the hard-earned council tax payers money to supplement their salaries when things go tits up.


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