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Time to end cash for India

I am happy for India that it has reached the stage of technical and economic development where it can launch an unmanned mission to the moon, lead international story on the BBC Today programme this morning.

Apparently its called Chandrayaan 1.

At the same time a part of our government, the Department for International Development (DFID), is sending £100 millions to India in development aid. The time has come to leave nuclear armed, militarily resurgent, space racing India to fund its own social programmes. DFID say:

DFID has provided about £1,045 million to India in bilateral aid over the past five years. Between 2008 and 2011 the UK will provide £825 million in aid to India.

If you look into what DFID is doing with this cash you have to agree that the money is well spent. You have to ask why it is not Indian government money. If India wants to prioritise military-industrial projects over social ones then that is a matter for them. Enough.

2 replies on “Time to end cash for India”

The question has to be,do we fund other countries while our own is in deep financial trouble?
Probably, yes we do.


The answer to ‘George, 7.00 pm” is – Yes, we do try to continue to aid countries that need it.
However, when a country like India indulges in such vanity projects, then UK aid should be immediately withdrawn. The scandal is that the Indian government prefers to boost its ego rather than to help the tens of millions of people in poverty in thjeir country.


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