Ealing and Northfield

Swimming in Ealing

The London Assembly have produced an interesting report into the availability of public pools in London today. The picture above is reproduced from their document. It shows, in red, areas that are more than a mile from a public swimming pool.

It looks like Ealing is not providing as many public pools as it might but it seems that the Assembly have got their facts wrong. The Assembly reckon that today 64% of people in Ealing live more than a mile from a public pool although this number will drop to 56% when Northolt Swimarama re-opens. It seems they do not count the Dormers Wells pool because it is on a school site. It is fully accessible to the public though and is run by contractor GLL on behalf of Ealing as is Gurnell. I visited both of these sites last month and they are both very well run and, most importantly, clean.

As a sportsman myself the report seems a little strange as it does not mention provision of 50 metre pools – there are only two in London which really is a scandal. Gurnell is one, the other being at Crystal Palace.

As well as having one of London’s two 50 metre pools Ealing is also home to the awesome Ealing Swimming Club. They are probably the best London swimming club and certainly one of the best in the country. With 900 members they are one of the biggest sports clubs in Ealing. Politicians can go on about sport as much as they like but it is the volunteers who run bodies like Ealing Swimming Club that really drive sport.

The Standard covers the story here and the BBC here.

3 replies on “Swimming in Ealing”

EALING £63,711 £147,666 £69,714
On 7 October the Director, Sport and Leisure
Department for Culture, Media and Sport wrote to Ealing confirming the above amounts to fund free swimming and some works on swimming pools.
Please notify us when we will be able to benefit from these payments, so some can start to swim for free in what was reputed to be the almost 50 metre long Gurnell pool.
When the quaint but rather wonderful old pool in central Ealing was closed, The Council of the day promised to give central Ealing a new pool, but it never happend. A Tory broken promise??


Ealing Council has announced plans to redevelop Acton Baths.

Previously it was decided that Acton would be an ideal location for a 50 metre pool in the Borough of Ealing as it is in a very accessible and sustainable location.

However, the redevelopment plans only show a 25 metre pool plus ‘training pool’ as a replacement! This is a travesty as Acton currently enjoys a 32.5 metre and 24 metre pool – a total of over 56 metres.

A reduction in swimming length is clearly a blow to swimming in the Borough, but why has the golden opportunity for a 50 metre pool been ignored?

This is an inexplicable U-Turn from the Council.


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