Ealing and Northfield

Sharma in hot water over Mireskandari affair

Apparently Ealing Southall MP Virendra Sharma jointly signed the letter which fellow MP Keith Vaz wrote to a judge in June urging the High Court to delay proceedings involving solicitor Shahrokh Mireskandari. Mireskandair was challenging a court order to pay £400,000 in costs to the liquidator of an airline. Vaz and Sharma asked for the case to be suspended pending an outcome of a complaint about how the case had been previously handled.

The letter failed to mention Vaz’s relationship with Mireskandari, the solicitor at the heart of several high-profile discrimination cases against the Metropolitan Police. The pair have apparently often socialised together, and Vaz and his wife have accepted hospitality from the Iranian-born solicitor at Wembley Stadium and the 02 Arena. Vaz is reported also to have delivered the eulogy at the funeral of Mireskandari’s mother.

Rather pathetically Sharma says:

I am a new MP. I will be more questioning before I sign a letter in future.

It is not like Sharma is some babe in the woods. Sharma doesn’t mention that Vaz was on his selection panel when he became the Ealing Southall candidate last year so maybe he wasn’t in a position not to do the guy a favour in return.

The Observer has a relatively staid piece here. The Mail on Sunday goes at it hammer and tong here.

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