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Two teens dead in a week

The last week has seen another two teenagers die in London. It seems we have almost equalled last year’s tally with only two thirds of the year gone.

Ahmed Benyermak died on Wednesday last week when he fell from a 13 storey building in Hackney whilst being chased by an armed gang. The Evening Standard counts him as the “24th teenager to die violently in London this year”.

On Sunday morning it was Charles Junior Hendricks who was stabbed in Walthamstow. Unlike the BBC the Evening Standard are counting Hendricks as number 25 because they are including Ahmed Benyermak in their tally whereas the BBC talks about the “24th teenager to be killed in a stabbing or a shooting in London this year”.

The first 20 kids are listed by the BBC here.

21: Frederick Moody Boateng
22: Ryan Bravo
23: Nilanthan Murddi
24: Ahmed Benyermak
25: Charles Junior Hendricks

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