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Teen toll not forgotten

My Olympic pleasure was somewhat muted over the weekend by the news that the 23rd London teen had been slain in the early hours of Saturday morning.

17 year old Nilanthan Murddi was stabbed to death in Croydon. More from the BBC here. The Evening Standard is carrying this story this morning.

I am happy that our new Mayor has put this issue centre stage and is not trying to ignore it like his predecessor who wanted the issue to go away because it jarred with his crime is down mood music.

The first 20 kids are listed by the BBC here.

21: Frederick Moody Boateng
22: Ryan Bravo
23: Nilanthan Murddi

2 replies on “Teen toll not forgotten”

26 in the whole of 2007
and 23 already in 2008 even though the year hasnt ended

maybe Boris could realise that he shouldnt have criticised Ken regarding these numbers. no significant drop at all since elected nor is there likely to be during his term in office. he cannot do anything to stop teen murders.



Boris was right to criticise the previous mayor. These killings of young people won’t be stopped by ignoring the problem which was Livingstone’s preferred approach.

No-one expects this problem to be solved quickly but acknowledging that it exists is the first step.

Teen murders are a specific London problem with about half taking place in London. It is a counsel of despair to say that the mayor cannot do anything to stop them.


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