Ealing and Northfield

New library looks great

I was given a preview of the new library yesterday and it looks great. The place was full of library staff filling shelves and getting ready for next Tuesday’s opening. A lot of thought has gone into the new library and it has been transformed into a much brighter and more usable facility. The study facilities are wonderful and I am sure that they will be well used.

There is an RFI tag based system for managing the library books. This means users just scan their books and walk out. If they walk out without scanning an alarm goes off. This will eliminate queues and allow the staff to concentrate on helping people rather than stamping books in and out.

Compared to the old library it is an uplifting place to be. I know the staff have worked hard to turn this project around after earlier technical problems delayed it. Having refurbished a building myself I know how hard it is. The result looks like the effort and £2 million bill were well worth it. See it for yourself from 9am on Tuesday 29th July.

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