Ealing and Northfield

Setting the Daleks on Rowans

I had a great afternoon at Little Ealing Primary School’s Summer Fete today.

The Dr Who theme was slightly incongruous alongside the beer, burgers and hot dogs, but hey! The Dalek made by one of the parents was truly impressive.

I paid £4 for ten goes at the “Adult Tombola” and came away empty handed. Maybe that was for the best. After that I just settled for buying actual stuff and bought home eight fairy cakes for tea – a much better investment.

As I walked down Weymouth Avenue I noticed this illegal fly-posting from a cowboy business in Hounslow called Rowans. I have written about these creeps before – here and here.

I called Monique Nicolaides on the number on the poster. She calls herself PR & Marketing Manager and claimed, as she has claimed before, that her marketing company, A.K. Marketing, has made a mistake and they would be taken down. The woman is a brazen liar who has systematically covered large parts of West London in her illegal posters for years.

If you want to call her and abuse her on 020 8742 1649 please do. Whatever you do don’t use her miserable function venue. On Friday I noticed three sets of these posters doubled up down Ranelagh Road. Let me know of anymore and I will try to get our envirocrime people to do something.

One reply on “Setting the Daleks on Rowans”

actually its is legal, and it is free hire, and she is PR Manager and the estcablishment is a well known local cafe by day and quite bar at evenings. i have attented some very succesfull functions at the place, inluding weddings, 50ths and christenings, so maybe you should check your facts before throwing around accusations and ignorant, incompetant comments.


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