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Stacey lambasts Bell

After Cllr Bell’s contribution to last night’s cabinet meeting, reported below, the Ealing Tory group on the council have issued the following press relase:


Ealing’s Labour Group Leader, Cllr Julian Bell, stunned Cabinet last night when he called on the Council to find millions of pounds of service cuts in preparation for next year’s budget.

The remarks made by Cllr Bell are extraordinary given his record on Council Tax. During the last term of the previous Labour administration, Cllr Bell voted for Council Tax increases amounting to 48% over four years. By contrast, he has voted against the two below inflation Council Tax increases of 1.9% by the current Conservative administration. As recently as March this year, Labour was calling on the Conservative administration to increase spending and taxation in Ealing by £3.6M.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Jason Stacey said: “The last Labour administration increased Council Tax in Ealing by more than every other Council in London apart from Croydon. Cllr Bell has fought us at every turn in our efforts to offer relief to Council Tax payers, so it is quite breathtaking that he suddenly now wants us to cut services.

“This administration has made it clear that we understand people’s financial difficulties in the current economic climate, and will continue to deliver value for money with below inflation Council tax increases. However, we are committed to maintaining support for the vulnerable and will not make the kind of cuts that will put key Council services at risk.

“I challenge Cllr Bell to say exactly where he would like to see cuts and how he would protect the elderly and other vulnerable people from his axe. We look forward to seeing the outcome of his work.”

2 replies on “Stacey lambasts Bell”

I have to admit that I find this rather hard to swallow (the idea of Labour cutting taxes). The reduction of expenditure must somehow be tied in to efficiencies. I cannot see Labour in any way or form taking on Unite (or whatever Unison is called these days) in any shape or form to get rid of the dead wood in the Council. Any normal business would have an effecive form of appraisal and revue that ensured that employees not capable of fulfiling their roles were replaced. This is not the case in Ealing. The Environmental Service Areas is an area where I have discovered this to be true. Many officers do not now what they are doing and lack appropriate training and qualifications. The mess in the parks these days is due to ignorant managemen. In point:
a) The use of wood chippings from felled trees is not a good idea as a mulch throughout the parks, it just spreads diseases such a honey fungus which probably were responsible for the feling in th first place.
b) You do not trim Ruscus like a hedge and expect it to live.
c) You do not use a systemic herbicide in a rose bed to kill the weeds and expect the roses to live.
In the area of Housing Benefits:
a) People on Income Support are entitled to some benefits even if they are employed.
In the area of allotments:
The woodchip argument again, not to mention the blatant disregard of byelaws and laws on allotment management.
This is an opportunity to sort things out in Ealing and make that pound go rurther. Some minimal level of relevant qualifications is required and relevant expertise in that area. Where there are just officers or managers running contractors then the managers and officers must be qualified appropriately to prevent the errors of their unskilled contractors.
The areas of Allotments, Housing, and Parks and Countryside are overdue for an deep assessment of human resources and the injection of appropriate “talent” (i.e. people who know what they are doing and are qualified to do it.
All this means harsh choices and, frankly, at the end fo the day, re-locating people. That is a success enterprise!
I just cannot see Labour even countenancing any of this!
Best regards,


We could save some precious public money if we axed the enormous inflation-busting pay rises Cllr Stacey gave himself and his close associates as soon as he gained control of our council tax. We could also save more money if he stopped wasting it on adverts saying how wonderful he is iN Around Ealing – AND all the similar self-congratulating junk adorning all the street lights along our main roads. This is sheer and gross self-indulgence by arrogant, egotistical and self-serving so-called public representatives. It is a grotesque and obscene abuse of public money.


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