National politics

Nasty McShane

I read the piece by Denis McShane, Labour MP for Rotherham, in this morning’s Telegraph and my first thought was heaven rejoices, etc. He says:

Any prime minister in office today would feel the voters’ anger as they see their cherished plans to spend their own money as they see fit destroyed by rising prices combined with the insatiable greed of the state in all its manifestations to take the people’s money for its own, often incompetent and counter-productive ends.


Only further down he resorts to the SVP-style dog whistling (more rabble-rousing, bullhorn, full-on class ridden nastiness) that is a bizarre side effect of New Labour’s death throes:

This can be targeted at the indigenous working class, furious at the incessant year-on-year council-tax increases above the rate of inflation.

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