Mayor Johnson

Transport alcohol ban from 1st June

The Mayor today outlined his plans to outlaw alcohol on public transport in London – everything except the trains.

This is great news. My elderly neighbour called it “wonderful”. Some people have criticised it on libertarian grounds, for instance Guido Fawkes, and predictably Bob Crowe of RMT thinks it is all too hard.

People forget that London Underground banned smoking on the Tube about 20 years before the smoking ban and it was entirely uncontroversial. When I first came to work in London in 1984 I remember the cigarette butts lying in rows in the grooves of the wooden floors of tube trains. First they banned smoking on the trains and then after the Kings Cross fire disaster in all LU premises.

The smoking ban itself passed hardly the slightest incident of disobedience last year. By the end of June public transport will be dry and everyone will have forgotten there was ever a time when you would drink on public transport.

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