Ealing and Northfield

Sharma speaks

Virendra Sharma

Our MP raised himself to speak in Parliament yesterday, asking a patsy question at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Given that crime in London has fallen in recent years, does my right Hon. Friend think that it is now time to cut neighbourhood policing teams?

The mendacious Brown used it as an opportunity to continue his police cuts slur against Boris.

Neighbourhood policing has been so successful in London that it is now used in all parts of England. The reason that crime has come down is that there is a visible police presence in these areas and local people are in touch with their local police forces. That is why, under the current Mayor of London, crime has fallen by 15 per cent. and there are 6,000 more police officers and 4,000 more community support officers. The one thing that would put the policing of London at risk is the election of a Conservative Mayor.

This was only the fourth time that Sharma has spoken in the Commons since he was elected in July and the first time in almost six months. It seems that both at Ealing council and at the Commons he thinks an appearance about once every six months is a reasonable work rate for an elderly man with two jobs.

I acknowledge as the source for the Parliamentary stats – great job, again.

One reply on “Sharma speaks”

Unfortunately that happens on the London Assembly as well, all the time.

For the last four years, the seven Labour Members of the Assembly have asked Ken Livingstone rather easy questions which have allowed him to say how good and successful he is in public.

If Boris gets elected I have no doubt that the Conservative Members will be so pleased that they will behave in exactly the same way.

At least the smaller Parties on the Assembly really have tried to hold the Mayor to account, the record bears this out, and will continue to do so whoever is elected.

People may not understand that when voting for a London-wide Member of the Assembly, of which there are 11, (on the ‘peach’ coloured ballot paper) the formula that is applied to the totals takes in to account any Constituency seats won by the Political Parties and makes it very much harder for them to get an extra seat.

So the vote actually favours the smaller Parties. This is why the Lib-Dems got 5 London-wide seats last time and NO Constituency seats, and the Conservatives got 9 Constituency seats and NO London-wide seats.

The conclusion is, if you want your vote for London Member to count on the ‘peach’ coloured ballot paper, vote for a smaller Party.


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