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On Thursday I got a pretty expensive mailing from London Elects. You probably did too if you are registered to vote in London. On Friday my local paper, the Ealing & Acton Gazette, carried a full page “How to vote” ad from London Elects. By coincidence, really?, there was a full page ad from Livingstone on the next page. How did his campaign know that London Elects would be running their campaign on that same day? Did the Livingstone specifically ask for the next page? Did the other campaigns know this was coming? I have written to London Elects to find out. If they are as cynical as the rest of the Mayor’s empire it will be 28 days minimum before I get any answers.

According to their website:

London Elects is the independent body in charge of organising the elections of the London Mayor and London Assembly. The team works directly for the Greater London Returning Officer (Anthony Mayer) under a separate budget and reporting lines from other GLA staff.

London Elects has two distinct functions – operations and communications.

Clearly this advertising binge is the product of the comms function. It seems strange to me that these people have a .org domain name. Are they not a wholly taxpayer funded part of government?

All of this voter registration stuff is fine up to a point – I guess the point where it becomes a Labour voter recruitment drive. Tonight the Political Betting website has an interesting post on the last MORI poll commissioned by the Unison union – why do they think that this is a good use of their members’ cash? It was leaked to the Guardian and reported here. In their desperation to print good news they gave prominence to a 6% differential that didn’t take into account whether the respondents were registered to vote. Doh!

The survey conducted by Ipsos Mori puts Livingstone on 53% – six points ahead of Johnson on 47% – among those certain to vote in next Thursday’s election, once crucial second preferences are taken into account.

It is Livingstone’s biggest lead since the campaign started.

However, the study for Unison, the trade union, found that some of those who said they were certain to vote had not registered. Once that was factored in, Livingstone’s lead shrunk to just 4%.

Tonight the Standard reported that Livingstone had taken £110K off unions for his campaign. Previously Andrew Gilligan has reported on contributions from property developers.

So Livingstone’s campaign is funded by unions and property developers, in addition he gets support from the unions in their commissioning of numerous polls and only publishing any results that are favourable. Finally, the civil servants at City Hall seem to be colluding with the Livingstone campaign so that he can leverage their spending of taxpayers’ cash for the benefit of his campaign. Yuck!

Going back to Livingstone’s ad – negative or what? The copy reads:

Don’t vote for a joke

Vote for London

Don’t risk London

Vote Ken

I have already written about how Livingstone has screwed up Crossrail already.

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