Mayor Johnson

Question Time

After a night of Overview and Scrutiny Committee followed by West Ealing Neighbours I finished off with watching the Question Time mayoral debate on BBC1. It really was pretty disappointing as have been all the TV debates of this campaign. Why do TV producers think that the public is going to be engaged by a load of tittle tattle? The real issues remained unilluminated. The productivity of the Met – untouched. Cost control at Transport for London – untouched. The value of the London Development Agency’s spending – untouched.

At least three times Dimbleby took it on himself to have a go at Boris Johnson. He didn’t bother with Paddick and had a go at Livingstone maybe once.

Boris managed to keep it serious but he still had two of the best lines. He described Livingstone as “emanating from the bowels of the Labour movement”. In relation to the BNP’s suggestion that their supporters should give their second votes to Boris and asked to explain it he said: “You’ll have to ask the tiny minds of the BNP”.

On balance the two main candidates were pretty evenly balanced with Paddick looking like a pigmy. Paddick pretty much said that those voting for him should use their second votes, in effect their first votes if given to Boris or Livingstone, as they see fit.

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