Ealing and Northfield

Sharma makes Three Line Whip

Virendra SharmaA little bird tells me that our MP made the Three Line Whip blog run by the Telegraph on Saturday. Could it have been the same little bird that pointed Jonathan Isaby at my blog?

According to Isaby:

Ealing Southall by-election winner, Virendra Sharma, has remained on Ealing council since entering Parliament last July, but until last week, the last time he’d shown his face at a meeting was in October.

Had he not rolled up at the most recent Education Scrutiny Panel, he would have faced ejection from the council for six months’ non-attendance — but he’s still claiming the £9,000 annual councillors’ allowance.

“He does plan to get to more meetings in the future, but if anything the many constituents who contact him get a better service because he is an MP as well as a councillor,” insisted his spokesman.

The spokesman will be Cllr Bell I guess.

Sharma didn’t make it to the council meeting on Tuesday and tonight the loquacious Cllr Bagha substituted for Sharma – returning the favour as it was Bagha that stood to one side to allow Sharma to collect his £4,500 cheque earlier this month, see previous posting.

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