Ealing and Northfield Policing

Ealing police now have their own website

Ealing Police

This graphic gives you a feel for what the Ealing police’s new website looks like. As well as obvious stuff like contact info there are some useful links to photos of stolen property and photofits. If they can make this timely and if people look at it now and then it might help fight crime in Ealing. We’ll see.

It’s nice to see what our borough commander Sultan Taylor (no relation) looks like but why do commanders, mayors, commissioners, chief execs and the such like always think that we want their mugs to be the most prominent features of websites, annual reports, etc? Let’s have a nice picture of Ealing up double quick.

In his March column (sharpen up CS Taylor April is more than half gone) CS Taylor says:

We have now entered the final month of the current performance year and I am delighted to state that we are on course to achieve significant reductions in most crime categories by the end of the financial year. We have achieved a reduction of over 3000 reported crimes this year alone, meaning there are over 3000 less victims of crime in Ealing.

This sounds good but that is 3000 less REPORTED victims. As we found last week in Northfield there were seven cars broken into on Northcroft Road last weekend but only three were reported by Tuesday. Apparently these seven were part of a spate of 20 related car crimes that night.

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