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Sharma’s payday

Sharma's payday

Cllr Sharma smiled gamely for my photo at the end of the Education, Leisure and Children’s Social Services Standing Scrutiny Panel tonight. It was his first appearance at a council meeting since 9th October when he turned up an hour late for a council meeting and hung around for about 5 minutes. Tonight he dutifully turned up at 7pm and stayed on until the end of the meeting at 9.30pm. By turning up 6 days before he was due to be struck off Sharma effectively earned £4,500 (the maths goes like this: the basic councillors allowance is £9,000 so six months worth is £4,500). That is the equivalent of £1,800 per hour. The only people who earn money like that are very spiffy barristers and Sharma really isn’t in that league.

I only turned up shortly after 8pm – I am not on the panel I was only there to harass my MP. I had hoped that Sharma would get some stick but I guess that there wasn’t much hope of that as this panel is chaired by Cllr Julian Bell who also happens to be on Sharma’s Parliamentary pay roll, working on his casework, etc – ventriloquists and dummies springs to mind.

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Well if he has someone on his Parliamentary pay roll, perhaps answering the office phone might be one of his duties. Or was he also absent on Feb 27th last when I waited 4 hours to see Sharma at the House of Commons only to find there was noone in Sharma’s office, not even to answer the phone.


Thanks for the photographic evidence of the Sharma sighting. I can’t believe the audacity of this guy – look at the way he’s grinning like a Cheshire Cat before he disappears for another 6 months!


I hear a major independant voter registration and elect Ken mobilisation drive is underway in the 800,000 strong Muslim community who consider this great city their home. The Mayors ‘stooges’ may come good yet…leafleting at 170 Mosques, discussion on major Muslim Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Arab TV channels, articles in prominent Muslim English, Somali and Turkish newspapers, Muslim home visits, e-campaigns , text circulars on the day, mainstream Mosque tours by the inclusive, just, respected and representative incumbent Mayor, business mail-outs, a prospective voter ferrying service and poster campaigns will all be rolled out I here. Every vote counts as they say!!! May the best (non-racist) man win…;)


Yeah Musa,

I’ve been doing of those Muslim home visits – we call them canvassing. We also do Christian, Sikh, Buddist, Catholic and Jedi home visits.


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