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The real fight start here

If you are already bored of the mayoral campaign then tough luck. The actual campaign started at midnight last night so you can expect to hear a lot more about it from now. For myself I am very happy to see Boris doing so well and will be doing all I can to get Boris elected.

Dave Hill reports what Livingstone is up to here.

Meanwhile Boris issued this call to arms overnight:

It is time for a Mayor who puts the needs of Londoners first

As the official campaign period for the Mayor of London election begins, Conservative Candidate for Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has set out to Londoners what this election means. Boris Johnson said:

London is a wonderful, cosmopolitan city.

It has so much to offer – from its culture, history and great diversity to its energy and financial vigour.

London is truly the world’s greatest city.

But for all of London’s qualities, life for those who live here is harder than it needs to be.

We must make this City a great place to live in again.

Londoners feel less safe in their homes and on their streets as thuggish behaviour and crime grow.

Our transport system is choking as people spend more and more of their precious day on the Tube or on a bus or train just to get to and from work.

People in London are struggling to find a place to call home.

The costs of living in London are also growing. Taxpayers no longer get value for the money they pay to Ken Livingstone and Gordon Brown.

And London’s current Mayor, whose job it should be to champion our great city and its people no longer seems able or willing to stand up for those who call London home.

Whilst he did a few good things when he was first elected he has lost interest in Londoners.

Ken Livingstone seems more interested in looking after his friends and cronies, fighting his own political causes and playing divisive political games.

He spends taxpayers’ money as if it was his or Labour’s own – on trips for meetings with foreign dictators or the pet projects of his closest friends and political allies.

Once we might have forgiven Ken Livingstone for the odd foible, he seemed after all to care for London.

But the occasional questionable action has become the many.

His passion for London has withered as his obsession with power for its own sake has grown.

After 40 years in politics he has had his day and sadly if re-elected he offers nothing but more of the same.

London needs a new Mayor.

I strongly believe that your Mayor should be someone who speaks out on what really matters, someone who is not afraid to say it as he sees it.

On May 1st, we have an election for not just the Mayor of London but we must remember it is an election for the Mayor of Greater London.

I will be a champion for Londoners whether they live in the outer boroughs or the inner city and regardless of whether they were born here or chose this great city as their home.

This election is an opportunity to make a change for the better.

And I am determined to work with London’s borough councillors and not against them.

To be a Mayor who will only spend your hard-earned taxes with care and prudence on initiatives that will benefit all London.

I love this town. I live in Islington with my wife Marina where we raise our four children.

It is a great place but sadly not everyone has the quality of life they should in the world’s greatest city.

I understand that Londoners, despite their love for this city and its suburbs, towns and villages, want action taken on the things that matter so much to their daily lives.

In such a great city those who live and work here should have a better quality of life.

They should be able to travel to work, the shops and school, quickly and easily.

They should be able to ride the buses and walk the streets without feeing threatened.

They should have access to open spaces and playing fields to give their life pleasure and a sense of wellbeing.

They should get value for the taxes they pay and be able to afford a decent home which meets their needs.

These are the causes that I will champion.

I want Londoners to have the great quality of life that living in this great city should guarantee.

A quality of life lost under a Labour Mayor now too political and too tired to be up to the challenge. Around whom the stench of corruption and the symbols of waste and mismanagement grow clearer each day.

Above all I will focus on making our streets safer, fixing our transport system, easing the flow of traffic, improving the local environment, providing more housing that meets people’s needs and getting value for money for every pound that the Mayor is responsible for spending.

I will use my energy to stand up for London against a national Labour Government that under Gordon Brown and Ken Livingstone has seen London lose its share of government investment and resources.

So this election is a simple and clear choice between a current Mayor who is out of touch and had his day – a man who offers nothing but more of the same and someone who is determined to bring fresh thinking, energy and commitment to the forgotten issues that matter to Greater London and its people.

It’s time for a change for the better. But to change the Mayor and to have your say on crime, taxes, transport, congestion, the local environment and housing and planning you must vote.

If you want change but do not vote you will wake up the day after the election facing more of the same.

To bring about this change for the better you must turnout and vote for me.

Staying at home on 1st May will deliver more or the same and your issues and concerns will remain neglected.

Please give me your support at the election for the Mayor on May 1st to bring about the change London needs.

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