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Gazette covers Parking Services

Parking Services Specialist Scrutiny PanelThe Gazette covered the final report of the Parking Services Scrutiny Panel yesterday.

See what they have to say here.

3 replies on “Gazette covers Parking Services”

Lets hope local councillors manage to instill commonsense into parking services as any introduction of cameras at Boston Manor, Northfields and South Ealing stations, especially Ealing Broadway style, will lose the Conservative council hard-earned popularity.



Thanks for your comment.

This is a difficult one. The officers are obliged by law to enforce as they see fit and councillors are prevented by law from interfering – that is all councillors including leader and portfolio holder. It is our job as councillors to see that the enforcement is fair and reasonable and we are particularly keen to up our game in terms of education.

Too many people abuse zig-zags on crossing and bus stops. This is really anti-social and although many people say there is no problem I have noticed a lot of parking on the zig-zags outside South Ealing Tube.

Not enough people know that it is perfectly within the law to drop off on both single and double yellows AT ANY TIME. There are lots of yellow lines near South Ealing Tube but quite rightly the pedestrian crossings and bus stops are nearest to the station – this is the right priority and it is no use car passengers complaining that they have to walk the last 30 or 40 yards to the station.


I would like to second Robert’s comments.

I think this whole issue is, and will cost the Conservatives votes. In the recent local elections I couldn’t vote for the Conservative candidate in spite of many improvements in street cleanliness, graffiti etc.

Yes ‘rules are rules’, but I find it it incredible that the council’s gut reaction to an almost imaginary drop off ‘problem’ is to hide behind yet more cameras and fine. Surely it is far better public service to create clear drop off points as close to the stations as possible (luggage, kids etc).

Over zealous parking restrictions are having dire effects on retail in Ealing. I think it’s time for a radical rethink, or else things will only get worse. There are areas close by with better shops, restaurants etc where it’s less stressful to visit.


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