6th and 7th teen murders

teen-murder-7.JPGRegrettably it seems that the teenage murder epidemic in London has claimed its 6th and 7th victims already this year. 16 year old Ofiyke Nmezu died after being assaulted with a brick last Friday. See newspaper report here and BBC coverage here.

On Sunday Teng Le dies after being stabbed in a nightclub. See BBC report here.

It appears that Edmonton has a really serious problem as three of these attacks occurred there.

1 January: Henry Bolombi, 18, stabbed
5 January: Faridon Alizada, 18, stabbed
21 January: Boduka Mudianga, 18, stabbed
26 January: Fuad Buraleh, 19, beaten
19 February: Sunday Essiet, 15, stabbed
29 February: Ofiyke Nmezu, 16, beaten
2 March: Teng Le, 17, stabbed

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