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Sharma’s next trip – Cuba

Virendra SharmaI can only imagine that Ealing Southall’s Labour MP, Virendra Sharma, is planning for his next trip. This time the destination must be Cuba. I can’t think of any other reason why he would sign this Early Day Motion.

That this House commends the achievements of Fidel Castro in securing first-class free healthcare and education provision for the people of Cuba despite the 44 year illegal US embargo of the Cuban economy; notes the great strides Cuba has taken during this period in many fields such as biotechnology and sport in both of which Cuba is a world leader; acknowledges the esteem in which Castro is held by the people and leaders of Africa, Asia and Latin America for leading the calls for emancipation of the world’s poorest people from slavery, hunger and the denial of human rights such as the right to life, the right to shelter, the right to healthcare and basic medicines and the right to education; welcomes the EU statement that constructive engagement with Cuba at this time is the most responsible course of action; and calls upon the Government to respect Cuba’s right to self-determination and resist the aggressive forces within the US Administration who are openly planning their own illegal transition in Cuba.

What a wally?

6 replies on “Sharma’s next trip – Cuba”

That free healthcare is great. You only have to give up all your human rights, civil liberties and 95% of what your labor would be worth on the open market to get it. Other than that it’s awesome!


An old friend has just returned from a visit to Cuba. What most people don’t realise is that Cuba still has food rationing. An oft repeated saying in Cuba is that the government wants healthcare, sport and education, but the Cuban people want breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Maybe he has already gone!?

I wrote to Virendra Sharma on 18th February to say that I would come to the House of Commons Lobby on 27th February, yesterday, to see him regarding the Lisbon Treaty and the need for the British people to have a Referendum on it.
As I am sure you know, the Lisbon Treaty is 95% the same at the Constitutional Treaty rejected by the French and Dutch two years ago and we were promised a Referendum on that one in Labour’s manifesto.

Lots of other people had the same idea so there was a long queue when I arrived. So I waited in a biting wind for two hours, then presented my green card at the Lobby Reception to say I was in the Lobby, and waited. After one and a half hours waiting, I went to ask Reception if they would phone his office to find out when he would see me. There was no answer, not even an answerphone.

So I presume he wasn’t there. And there was no letter from him in advance to say he wouldn’t be. So he might just as well be in Cuba.


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