Mayor Johnson Policing

The Met is after Boris

Back BorisBoris Johnson was somewhat bemused today to receive a letter from the police regarding an alleged crime from 2003 – he wrote an article in the Telegraph relating how he picked up a damaged cigar case in the ruins of the home of former Iraqi deputy prime minister Tariq Aziz.

The Met says:

Police attention has been drawn to reports suggesting that you have in your possession an item that may be Iraqi cultural property, namely a cigar case from the address of Tariq Aziz… The reports further suggest that the item was illegally removed from Iraq since 6th August 1990.

Boris says:

There were over 18,000 crimes in London last month and yet the police write to me about this? What this shows is a concerted effort by my political opponents to waste police time by dragging up an article that I wrote 5 years ago and trying to make political mileage out of it. When knife crime is on the rise in our capital city, can it be right that police time is allowed to be wasted in this way?

Quite. The 18,000 crimes, actually nearer 19,000, recorded by the Met in January are analysed here.

Update: Link to letter here.

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