Mayor Johnson

Brian Paddick challenges Boris and the Mayor to do the London Marathon

Brian PaddickBrian Paddick, the LibDem Mayoral candidate, today challenged Boris and the Mayor to join him in running the London Marathon on 13th April. If I was a LibDem activist I would not be too impressed with my candidate using up valuable campaigning time to do a marathon. What’s more his legs will probably be useless for the last two weeks of the campaign. Paddick is showing his inexperience. What’s worse for every picture of him looking butch in his shorts there will be ten of him red-faced and panting and woe betide him if he trips up along the way.

Brian Paddick says:

Running London is an extremely tough and demanding job and the Mayor needs to be mentally and physically fit. I am running the London Marathon this year and I challenge all Mayoral candidates to join me – it will be a real test of their mettle. If people vote for me on 1st May, they know I will be fit for office.

Yeah, whatever.

Having met Boris I don’t reckon he has the build for marathons. The Mayor has more sense too. He would be forgiven for using his age as an excuse – if he gets elected he can start to draw his old age pension during his next term. He already qualifies for a Freedom Pass.

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