Mayor Johnson

Boris calls Brown a lier

Back BorisBoris Johnson is absolutely hopping mad today. At the Northern Rock press conference this morning Brown didn’t like a question about whether he was endorsing Livingstone for Mayor. He answered by talking about Boris and suggesting that if Boris won police numbers would go down. Livingstone has been stupid to talk about Boris so much and Brown is making the same mistake – why couldn’t Brown say something positive about Livingstone’s campaign? Probably for the same reason that he never uses his name – he absolutely hates Livingstone.

Anyway Boris was so mad he said:

The first time Gordon Brown said this he misled the House and I demanded an apology. Now he uses his Northern Rock press conference to spread the same lies. When I am Mayor of London, police numbers will increase in their hundreds in the Capital, as I explained in my 36 page crime manifesto. For the Prime Minister to say different is just plain rubbish. Mired in maladministration, Labour are just trying to deflect attention away from themselves at a time when the public are crying out for change. I offer that change in London – clearly the Prime Minister doesn’t like it one bit.

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