Ex-Mayor Livingstone

More dirty emissions

Congestion Charge consultation graphicIt appears that not only was the suppressed consultation on emissions related congestion charging not what the Mayor wanted to hear but it also seems that the polling data he used in its place was dodgy too.

The POLITICALBETTING.COM blog ran this story yesterday about how the polling data published by the Mayor in December (see previous posting) is going to be reviewed by a body called the British Polling Council. Ipsos MORI have enough to be ashamed about given the way they wrote the management summary of the consultation, see previous posting.

On Tuesday the consultation results from November were published. Tory AM Angie Bray formally asked for these twice last year, in November and December, but she was stonewalled each time. The consultation showed that 60% of Londoners thought that the scheme would not work.

Ealing people will remember that the Mayor pulled the same stunt with the West London Tram. A very expensive consultation exercise came up with the wrong result so the Mayor spent even more cash on some market research that delivered the answer that the Mayor wanted to hear. Maybe there are some bodies buried there too?

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