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CO2 charge consultation suppressed

I don't care what you think - this is good for getting me re-electedToday the Mayor did a big song and dance with the Green party over signing some spurious document to do with his introduction of Emissions Related Congestion Charging.

Apparently this will come into force on 27th October when 4x4s and other large vehicles will have to pay £25 to enter the Congestion Charge zone and small cars will get in for free.

This announcement is the final admission that the Congestion Charge has failed and that the Mayor is trying to rebrand it as a CO2 charge.

Bizarrely the contrived signing ceremony involved the Mayor and his invisible deputy Nicky Gavron and also Green AM Jenny Jones and the leader of her party Sian Berry. It does seem strange that one of the Mayor’s opponents in the mayoral race wants to big him up like this. Given that she founded the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s I guess she could not resist. The whole exercise does underscore that she is not a serious contender and that the Green Party and the Mayor intend to encourage Greens to give the Mayor their second preference votes.

What is really outrageous about this announcement is that the Mayor spent £1.4 million on a consultation on this in the autumn of last year and has so far refused to publish the results. The Mayor has not yet published the consultation report in spite of repeated questions from Tory AM Angie Bray. She asked for the results in November and December but she was stonewalled each time.

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I’m sorry that Angie Bray hasn’t passed this on to you, but the consultation results are freely available on the web, which was actually made clear during today’s press conference, in response to a question form Ross Lydall.

Click to access congestion_charge_co2_emissions_analysis_report.pdf

As regards Siân and Jenny attending the signing: they did the work, so why shouldn’t they? Siân set up the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s to campaign for exactly this sort of forward-thinking policy, and it was Jenny’s, and Darren Johnson’s, clever and tough politics in City Hall that got the current Mayor to deliver it.

I’m incredibly proud of Jenny and Darren’s record of engaging with the work of the GLA in order to actually deliver the policies they were elected on. Voters have got more value out of those two AMs than the rest of the chamber put together, so effectively have they negotiated to deliver more socially and environmentally long-sighted budgets.


Gary Dunion
Chief Press Officer
Green Party



Thanks for the link – much appreciated. I will go and study it in detail. No really I will.

When was this put up?

It is still really hard to find. If you do a search on the TfL website for “emissions related congestion charging” you get 193 results which do not include this report.

It was never added to this page.

I have been keeping my eye out for this since the consultation closed on October 19th but I had not spotted it. I assume that I was not supposed to spot it.


Some people who don’t like 4x4s got Ken to pass a new tax. But check out the current 4×4 ads: the new models all fit easily under the 226g/km limit – using the “hybrid” escape mode. This new tax (for what it is) won’t do a thing for SUV numbers. If CO2 is this critical, cuddly Ken has to do for black cabs as he (unjustly) did for Routemasters. The planet demands it, the planet needs it, who will save the planet? As long as Heathrow can expand the rest is pure theatre.


And some people don’t like Powered Two Wheelers in bus lanes (a few militant groups demanding Cycle City), and despite trials resulting in a 45% reduction in accidents between pedestrians, cyclists, and PTW’s as repeated in other UK towns to varying degrees, the results were again suppressed. (See the Telegraph 25 Jan 2008 )

CO2 is not critical. CO2 is not a pollutant.

I wonder that Ken Livingstone is to London, what Ian Smith was to Rhodesia.


Steady on, Gary. Let’s just remind ourselves why the Greens have ‘engaged’ so successfully. the Mayor needs just one third of Assembly votes to get his budget passed. That is 9 votes out of 25. He has 7 Labour votes already. He needs 2 more and the obvious choice is the 2 Greens.

In January 2005, during the debate on the DRAFT Budget for the first year of the Mayor’s second term, Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson were persuaded, during a long all day meeting, to vote for the Tory Amendment to the Mayor’s Draft Budget. Shock! Horror! Suddenly, Ken Livingstone realised he could lose, so he quickly did a deal with the Greens. They sold their votes quite cheaply on that occasion but have made up for it since. The rest, as they say, is history.


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