Ealing and Northfield Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Today is LEZ day – Is it worth it?


At 00:00 hours today the Mayor’s Low Emission Zone came into force.

If you have the stamina you might want to read this piece of analysis of the scheme. ConservativeHome were kind enough to publish it this morning.

As it happens it is also the topic of a Labour party motion being proposed by Cllr Mahfouz for tomorrow’s full council meeting:

This Council welcomes the recent initiative by the Mayor of London to implement a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in London as part of the Transport and Air Quality Strategy. The LEZ is one of the most effective ways to achieve reductions of harmful road transport generated emissions in London. The initiative will help to make Ealing a better place to live by reducing the levels of key air pollutants as outlined in the Council’s Sustainable Community Strategy. The Council therefore welcomes the implementation of the Low Emission Zone by the Mayor of London as of 4th February.

One thing that emerged clearly from my research is that this scheme is of no interest to London’s politicians. A year ago 81 London MPs and MEPs were consulted on this scheme and only 2 London MPs roused themselves to respond, one Labour and one Tory. Our three local Labour MPs all failed to respond.

I guess I will have something to say tomorrow!

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