Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor’s blog police

In the middle of January I did a piece on the Mayor’s 265 person comms machine, see previous posting. You might wonder what they all do. Well some of them read blogs.

I pointed out back then that I had already had evidence of the Livingstone PR machine keeping tabs on me here and here. The first incident was Joy Johnson herself. The Mayor’s Director of Media and Marketing. In 2005/6 she was paid £117,882, the same as the Mayor’s Socialist Action cronies Redmond O’Neill, Neale Coleman and John Ross (according to the The TaxPayers’ Alliance Town Hall Rich List). Before her current job she was director of communications for the Labour party. The second incident was a person of unknown gender called Sam Strudwick.

Sam clearly hasn’t got much else to do because he or she has commented on the site twice in the last couple of weeks in the guise of GLA Spokesperson, here and here.

I checked the IP addresses for both comments and they were definitely City Hall ones.

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