How popular?

People often ask me how popular is my blog? My wife is foremost amongst these, no doubt wondering if I am using my time well. I now have some kind of answer thanks to Google analytics which I installed at the start of the year. The chart below, click to enlarge, shows how many unique visitors I got throughout January. Google counts people only once during the period for this particular chart.


This chart says that in January 3,765 different people made a total of 5,088 visits and looked at 9,371 pages. That’s 164 visits per day. Before I got carried away I had a look at the stats for the two most popular political blogs, Guido Fawkes and Iain Dale’s Diary, and they came in at about 250-300,000 visits per month.

The peaks in the chart are interesting (to me at least):

5 replies on “How popular?”

The top few blogs are in a different league in terms of hits, there’s quite a gulf between them and other good blogs. Yours compares very well with most bloggers. Fwiw, we usually have more page views than GF and ID.


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