Ealing and Northfield Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Ealing Labour group taking Mayoral election for granted

It seems that Ealing Labour group are using their precious opportunities to discuss local issues to support the Mayor. Their choice for opposition business at the next council meeting on Tuesday 5th is the Freedom Pass. The papers just plopped down on my mat.

The Labour motion is:

This Council welcomes the Mayor of London’s decision to extend the benefits available to Londoners from the Freedom Pass concessionary fares scheme. This extension will enable many Ealing residents to have greater access and mobility and enhances their quality of life significantly. This Council commends the Mayor of London for his actions that are vital for some of our most vulnerable members of society.

On the other hand if you go to the Mayor’s own re-election website you will see that the offer to increase the hours of the Freedom Pass is manifesto commitment – you have to elect him first, see here:

Ken Livingstone today announced his first manifesto pledge for May’s Mayoral election. If re-elected the Freedom Pass will be valid 24 hours a day on London’s buses, tube, rail network and trams. At present the Freedom Pass only starts at 9am. Londoners entitled to a Freedom Pass therefore cannot use it early in the morning, even for vital trips.


One reply on “Ealing Labour group taking Mayoral election for granted”

Good to see your Labour group are being so loyal to a man who was so critical of them after the 2006 council elections. When we pointed out that Labour’s defeat had been compounded by the unpopular West London Tram proposals, Livingstone replied that it had all been the fault of Ealing Labour group for under achieving in office – you might like to remind them of that during your debate…


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