Crime glaze over

mayor-falling-crime.JPGMy eyes did rather glaze over when the Mayor tried to do his crime porkies act again yesterday.

Halfway through the financial year he did a piece and I laboriously went through the figures to show that the Mayor was at best exaggerating and at worst simply lying about the trajectory of crime in London.

His trick is to talk about recent falls, many of which are driven by changes in reporting, eg many frauds being handled by banks rather than the Police, and changes in our behaviour, us locking our houses up better and taking more care of our cars, and to ignore soaring crime in his first term as Mayor.

The Mayor thinks this is a good news story so he ran it on October 18th (after the half way point of the financial year) and again yesterday after the end of the calendar year. No doubt he will run it for a third time in mid April, just before the elections (after the end of the financial year). Funnily he didn’t make a big thing of the 2003/4 murder peak at 204 in April 2004. Yesterday of course he failed to mention the 26 teen murders we endured in 2007. He talks of more police on the beat but will not explain how a threefold increase in the precept since the formation of the GLA has resulted in such a small uplift in police numbers.

Now that Team Boris is up and running their rebuttal skills have improved markedly and this press release sums the situation up nicely.

Update: For more insight read the excellent Burning Our Money blog here.

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