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Paddick suggests no cars in Central London or £20 CC

After last week’s launch of Boris’s campaign in the Standard it was Brian Paddick’s turn for the LibDems today, see his piece here. He is majoring on crime obviously and points out that the Police could tackle knife crime if they prioritise it highly enough and ridiculed Livingstone for his impotence in the face of knife crime and his attempts to spin the crime statistics after his previuos pre-election pledge to halve crime.

Note that Gordon Brown was waffling on about knife crime on Sunday and talking about zero tolerance zones in London amongst other places. Where would the tolerance zones be? The main problem is that Brown’s state only sends 17% of knifemen to jail.

Ludicrously Paddick wants to close down central London by banning cars. I’d like to see Brown and his ministers give up the limos.

Paddick did have one good idea – kill the Low Emission Zone. This is a Livingstone con, see previous posting, and Paddick has rightly spotted that it will simply increase prices with little direct benefit that would not come in due course through normal upgrading of vehicles over time.

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