Mayor Johnson

Boris Johnson launches on teen death toll

Boris Johnson effectively launched his mayoral campaign today with a hard hitting column in the Evening Standard, a full page ad in the Standard and a redesign of his own website which brings his campaign themes into sharper focus. He has chosen to major on the wave of gang-related teen killings that plagued London last year ands looks like being repeated this year with two deaths to-date. Johnson is quite right to raise this issue. It is one that the Mayor and the Met Commissioner have consistently ignored because it flies in the face of their “we’ve cracked crime” mood music. If you look at the figures in any kind of detail it is easy to see that they are essentially talking rubbish, see previous posting.

Johnson’s ad in the Standard pretty much says it all. There is some argument about the actual number 26 or 27. I believe this arises from one of the cases which happened just outside the formal GLA boundary, see Assembly Member Roger Evans’ comment here. The Standard and Boris are going with 27. The BBC and I are going with 26.

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