Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Admission of failure

Hopefully this will sort young tearaways out - or at least kid people that the problem is sortedI guess this is as near as we will get to the Mayor admitting that his young person’s concessions may not be wonderful for everyone, certainly not grown ups trying to get around on London’s buses.

The Zip card seems to be a half-hearted attempt to restore some discipline to young persons’ bus travel.

It is almost certainly also an attempt to counter some of Boris Johnson’s more resonant lines about respect and civility and making it more pleasant to live in London.

Ross Lydall of the Standard seems to agree.

If the Mayor had any sense, or any guts for that matter, he would turn all of the Zip cards off at 9pm. For my money if a young person wants to be out after 9pm they should be using their own cash – not mine.

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