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Mayor’s stooges try to speak for Muslims

After yesterday’s news that Boris Johnson is neck and neck with the Mayor today the Guardian is reporting that:

Prominent Muslim organisations and individuals have pledged to back Ken Livingstone as mayor of London, saying it is in the “best interest” of Muslims to vote for him in this year’s elections on May 1.

In reality 63 left-wing Muslims, many of whom enjoy the Mayor’s direct or indirect patronage, have pledged to back the Mayor. Now that this list has been published some of them will be embarrassed by the company they are keeping. The Mayor has devoted a big effort over the last few years to cultivating the Muslim vote (607,000 according to the 2001 census) and here are his hired help doing his bidding.

Here is their statement.

Seven of them are leftish contributors to Guardian Comment is free.

Six of them are members of the steering group of the Mayor’s Coalition to defend freedom of religious and cultural expression.

Six represent mosques cited by Policy Exchange for harbouring extremist literature.

Twelve of them are connected with the almost entirely Labour government funded Muslim Council of Britain (see here and here).

Five of them are spokespeople for the British Muslim Initiative which initiated the exercise.

At least eleven are connected with the Muslim Brotherhood.

At least eight and probably many more are not even based in London.

I will be adding to this post during today and tomorrow with some interesting links. It will probably look a bit ragged whilst I add to it.

Here are their names:

17 replies on “Mayor’s stooges try to speak for Muslims”

Dear sir,

You have conveniently forgotten to mention that the Times newspaper published apologized to Dr. Bari/East London Mosque for falsely accusing them of harboring extremist literature see Why do you need to hide behind a blog? I know the staff and management at ELM and i am sure they’d be more than happy to talk to you face to face if your man enough!

hope the best man wins the mayoral.



Thanks for your good wishes.

It is notable that no big name Labour Muslim politicians have included themselves on this list of wannabees and hard core types.



This is your most amazing rant since you began your blog.

So what that these 63 people say they support Livingstone?

What point are you trying to make?

Presumably all these people have legal residency in the UK.

How do you know that these people are embarassed by being named? Have you spoken to them?

Are you going to publish names of right-wing Christians who are supporting Johnson?

Keep a sense of proportion here – otherwise you will come across as an obsessive.



I would have mentioned the apology if I had infinite space but it is not material.

The apology was in relation to detail rather than substance. Apparently the mosque owns the bookshop’s premises and most reasonable people would see the mosque and its Islamic bookshop tenant as being strongly related at the very least. The mosque might protest in its defence that free speech is a right and that it cannot control the bookshop. Again most reasonable people would consider this to be dissimulation.

By the way the East London Mosque URL is


Given that the Policy Exchange’s report has is based on dodgy reciepts at best, and lies at worst, I hardly think your statement about the East London Mosque stands, or anybody else.


@ Eric at 12.44

The point is very clear. Livingstone is trying to claim that 63 Muslim community leaders, who the casual reader might infer are apolitical, support him. Hidden message – if you are part of the Muslim community you should too.

In reality this post clearly shows that far from being apolitical most of these people are dyed in the wool labour men, in many cases owing part of their position to labour controlled funding,

Message – don’t take self appointed community leaders views as your own.



As you no doubt well know there were six dodgy receipts discovered by Newsnight. That proves that one of Policy Exchange’s researchers was either dishonest or lazy or some combination of both.

Newsnight was not able, indeed did not even try, to undermine the basic thrust of the Pollicy Exchange research that a quarter of mosques, including some of London’s biggest ones, were associated with extremist literature.


Christopher @ 1:28 pm
Sadly many of them are not as moderate as mere “dyed in the wool labour” would suggest. Several have closer links with RESPECT and Islamist groups which are rather more worrying.



Very commendable and interesting research. I am at a loss why Ms Salma Yaqoob deems it necessary to back Livingstone, especially as she is a councillor in Birmingham. She has very little constructive to say about my city, and therefore it doesn’t surprise me that she is poking her nose into the Mayor of London’s re-election.

George Calthorpe
Birmingham Conservative


Tariq Dhaal, Pakistani Community Centre Brent – Dhaal only appears in Google results associated with this letter, otherwise unknown

Its Tariq Dar (not Dhaal) very active Labour Party member and supporter in Brent., he has influence over 6000 Pakistani voters in Brent. His own family vote is nearly 2000.

I think Muslims in Brent will vote for Ken and for GLA they willl vote Lib Dem candidate, because of Sarah Teather MP.


The main reason for the letter-writers’ support seems to be the Mayor’s anti- American, Anti Israeli, pro-Palestinian (conveniently not stating whether it is Fatah or Hamas they support) views. “His stands and policies have constantly championed justice in the Middle East and around the world, freedom for the Palestinians and withdrawal of occupying troops from Iraq; a rare trait of modern-day public figures.”

What has this to do with running London? Since when did the Mayor of London have any say in UK foreign policy (much as he might like to)?

And as a commentators on Comment is Free have pointed out it shows that “British Muslims are pre-occupied with events that have nothing to do whatsoever with most of their daily lives (the vast majority of Muslims in this country not Palestinian, Iraqi or from the Middle East).”

Other comments on CiF include:

“I naively thought the mayor was supposed to preside over the government of the city”

“The Mayor of London runs the city’s transportation system and not much else…..Muslim leaders think we should elect him because of his position on the Middle East”

“Oh I see, so now, not only do Muslims want a veto over foreign policy, but they also want a veto over our democracy.”

“If Ken spent more time worrying about Londoners and less time speaking about Palestine, inviting Muslim Racial Hate speakers and bashing Jews then may be he would deserve our votes until then he can never claim to represent ALL Londoners. The list of signatories to this letter would be enough to drive to me to Boris.”

“Well I suppose it’s useful to know where this list of signatories stand…on their own selfish narrow bigoted ground, forgetting any notion of multiculturalism or solidarity with their fellow Londoners. ”

“Livingstone himself jokes that all he does is run the buses. Sure he does a bit more, but not much. And suggesting that people should vote for a Mayor of London because of his stand on the Middle East is so demented it suggests that Muslim leaders don’t have a political position so much as a political pathology. It also suggests they don’t mentally live in London, even if they do physically.”

And much more in the same vein


I think there are some interesting points coming out.

I think a Mayor of London should be inward looking and co-ordinate the workings of London Boroughs. I’d rather the Mayor had an embassy in Ealing than in Caracas or New Delhi.

I’d also want a London Mayor to promote and support monoculturism and provide free English lessons rather than spending the money on translations into many languages.

The London Mayor should not be active is promoting one London ‘tribe’ and not another. The only tribe he should be promoting and supporting is the tribe that is the whole residential population of London.

The current office of London Mayor is relatively very new and in fact we’ve only seen one office holder so far. To invoke a national, historical analogy we’re probably at the first Prime Minister (Robert Walpole) stage, when corruption was common place. It’s clear to me that it’s time for a change. In order to ‘develop’ the Mayorial role we need a different incumbent who will hopefully concentrate on the job in hand ie to do the bidding of the London Boroughs.


It seems that “Majid Azeer” is Majed Al-Zeer, Palestine Return Centre (PRC). Speaker at the Al-QUDS DAY 2006 in London ( and at “Jenin Week” 2003 (

AL-ZEER was chairman of PRC already in 1996 (
The PRC is considered a vehicle of Hamas by Israeli experts since 1998 (


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