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Goodbye furry lodger

Unwanted lodger

I have just been up to the loft at the behest of Joe from Arrest-a-Pest to look for the body of our squirrel. A week before Christmas we heard rather loud noises from the loft and realised that we had a squirrel in residence.

Having worked for pest control services like Orkin Termite Control Services or Nature First Pest Control as a young’un, and being a member of the specialist scrutiny panel looking into pest control I was interested to know what the council’s response would be. I used the website to find the number. It was pretty easy. Click A to Z of services tab, select p for pest control, scroll down to the pest control link, click link, click the contact us link and straight to a phone number. Called it up and was told they do not offer squirrel removal services in private homes. Slightly disappointing but the phone was answered quickly and the call was handled well so fair enough. Looked in the Thomson Local and found Joe from Arrest-a-pest. He would come round three times at £60 a visit plus VAT. The council’s service for rats and mice involves three visits but only costs £60 including VAT for all three visits.

He came round the same day and laid poisoned bait which consisted of about five trays of grain. On arrival he took one look at the bird feeder in the front garden and suggested that this might be the root of our problem. Joe called today to follow up. He told me what to do so I went up into the loft to check the bait and see if I could locate any bodies – many of his customers are too squeamish for this job so he pays them another visit. I decided to save the £60. In one corner of the loft the squirrel had made a nest of roofing insulation and eaten its way through two adjacent trays of poisoned grain. It did not take long to find the body. Wrapped up in a double layer of carrier bags the squirrel is now in the bin. Joe will come round and block up the holes in the roof for me next week if we don’t hear or see any more signs of the lodgers.

One reply on “Goodbye furry lodger”

On my Christmas visit home my parents showed me their squirrel proof bird feeder. It is surrounded by a barrier of mesh which is wide enough to let blue tits and sparrows through but obstructs furry rodents. Buying one of these might prevent repeat visits.


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