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One kid every two weeks

With today’s stabbing in Islington which closed Upper Street for the best part of the afternoon we have now got the grim tally of 26 young people killed with knives and guns this year in London, which is precisely one every two weeks. Today’s victim was 16, the average age of all the 26. What a waste? See BBC story here.

Whilst the Mayor and his discredited Commissioner, Ian “Limpet” Blair, try to kid us that everything is rosy in London’s crime garden, and the Mayor’s lead on policing, the sleaze engulfed Lee Jasper, fights to keep his £117K salary young people are being killed at a horrendous rate – one every two weeks. I hope that we can get to the end of the year without another.

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London’s murder rate is more like 0.022 per 1,000, ie only half the US where they have lots of people with guns!! If you are a black kid in a bad part of town it gets much, much worse. I want the Mayor, Limpet features and Lee Jasper to stop posing and save these kids from guns and knives, simple.

Murders in 2006/7 were 162 according to Met figures here:

London’s population in mid-2006 according to National Statistics was 7.512 million, see here:

Dividing one by the other you get 0.022 per 1000.


All I am trying to say is that London’s murder rate is as bad as any other large city in a developed country where guns are banned. Red Ken or Ian Blair can do little about it. This is a cultural problem, not a problem of governance or policing.


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