Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Gilligan strikes again

Gilligan front page 21st December 2007Today the Standard is all over an organisation called South London Green Badge Taxi School which seems to have embezzled £350K of public money.

Yet again the Mayor’s £117K Police and Equalities advisor, Lee Jasper, is at the centre of the scandal.

Apparently local Labour MP, Kate Hoey, asked the Met to investigate last night.

The scandal even seem to implicate previous Labour London mayoral candidate Frank Dobson’s son in what looks like a bribe.

This is the third of three big scandals, all with Jasper’s dabs on them, that Gilligan has uncovered in as many weeks. First it was Brixton Base, then it was Diversity International and now this. It looks like Jasper and the LDA is rotten to the core.

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